ChurchMaster Software is a Church administrative tool that enables church administrators to managing church administrative processes electronically. It is a database program that holds all relevant records of congregations, assemblies, members, etc.

The built in SMS application allow you to just select a category of members and send them messages or information wished to pass on.

ChurchMaster Software is a Church administrative tool

Features of ChurchMaster

Members Reference Database

Captures and stores Members personal details such as Name, Picture, position held in church, etc, This can be retrieved and uptdated anytime.

Tithes Payment

Captures all Tithes paid by members and provides receipts and Periodic Payment Statements.

Welfare Contributions

Keeps Records of each and every church member's welfare contributions and issues receipt.

Pledge & Donation Payment

Captures all Pledges made by members and Tracks all payments made for the pledges. It also keeps information on all Donations made in kind and in Cash.

Asset Management

Keeps track of the Church's Assets and their current locations and more...

Builtin SMS

Using the existing database the system can deliver SMS such as Alerts and Announcement to Church members mobile phones.

Birthday Reminder

List all upcoming Birthdays in a month to enable birthday messages sent to those celebrating.

Income/Expenditure Module

Captures your day to day Income and Expenses to enable the administration of Accounts management.

Various Admin. Reports

Various administrative reports can be optained or generated from the system.


"I would say School Master is the simplest School management and accounting software I have used. It took me just a day at work to learn how to use the software from a colleague accountant. I recommend School Master to every school. "
- Paul Assam, Project Accountant, SOS Children's Village, Ghana. read more...