With study spanning ten years on administration generally in Ghana and Africa, Joekers Solution came up with its flagship solution to the myriad of administrative problems facing schools in Ghana and Africa; The SchoolMaster. It is self-evident, the direct impact manual handling of school data has on efficient and effective school management. The SchoolMaster is designed to streamline all school administrative processes and introduce efficiency into school management from the management of School Based Assessment to Book-Keeping. With SchoolMaster, efficiency is only a click away. With The Schoolmaster, efficiency means precision and speed.

SchoolMaster computes School Based Assessment

Features of SchoolMaster

Student Reference Database

With our Student Reference Database Module, you can capture and store every pupil's Personal Details, School history as well as Parents/Guardian information, Medical Information and many more. Basically, with just one click, The SchoolMaster furnishes you will all the information you need about any student.

Terminal Report Generator

The SchoolMaster has the Terminal Reports Generator Module.
What this basically does is, convert all School Based Assessment Data into neatly formatted terminal reports which can either be printed or converted into various readable formats which can then be sent to parents electronically.

General Ledger

The SchoolMaster also has the General Ledger Module which provides a detailed description of all income and expenditure transactions. With this module, you are assured that all monies coming in and going out are properly monitored.

Pupils' Academic Database

The SchoolMaster also has the Pupil/Student Academic Database.
With it, you can capture and store all academic records.

Essentially, you record and it stores all assignments, class tests and examination marks of all students.

Student Billing System

The SchoolMaster also has a Student Billing Module. This prepares and generates itemized bills of all students in minutes. It clearly labels all cost components, taking into cognizance all credits that any student has for easy parent/guardian comprehension.

Alumni Database

Worried about losing contact with past students and gathering data for planning purposes? Well, worry no more because there is an Alumni Database Module designed for that purpose. Once a student leaves the school, all his academic records remain with the school. We cannot underestimate the value of such data towards planning. Over time, with SchoolMaster, you generate all the data you need to aid you in planning effectively for the future of your school.

School Based Assessment

Another interesting Module is the School Based Assessment Database. This is configured to the standard SBA form.
Data captured are automatically used by the module to determine grades for each subject and finaly generating Terminal reports of all students with the click of a button.

Payment Tracking Module

The SchoolMaster has a Payment Tracking Module. At the beginning of each term, if you have need to set up a multi-cashier terminals to support quick money collection, then this is just what you have been looking for. This enables you to set up, collect your money, issue receipts and SMS Notification for all payments made during the day for easy reconciliation.

SMS Communication

There are instances when official school communication to parents and guardians through students don't get to their destination. With our SMS Communication Module, the problem is resolved. You can now directly send SMS to the phones of the parents regarding their wards, notify them of impending meetings, receipt of school fees, stay in touch with past students and be part of the special moments like birthdays of the school community both past and present.


" I would say School Master is the simplest School management and accounting software I have used. It took me just a day at work to learn how to use the software from a colleague accountant. I recommend School Master to every school. "
- Paul Assam, Project Accountant, SOS Children's Village, Ghana. read more...